We make you an offer, ...

… you can’t refuse!

The godfather awaits you. Show some respect:

We present seal Media’s latest Mobile App: Bloody Hands, New York Families:

Do you have the makings of being the next mafia boss? Are you the next godfather?

New York City at the beginning of the 1930s. All dealing with and consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden. It’s the time of prohibition in the USA. But the government counted its chicken before they hatched. They forgot the mafia. Its members obtain prohibition and experience boom years. Mobsters are organizing smuggling and dealing with alcohol all over New York. Never again it will be that easy to earn money. Build up your own empire and deal with alcohol in the cloak of legal businesses.

Found your own family and become their godfather or join one of the other powerful families. Only if you partner up you will reach authority in New York. With strategy and merciless brutality.

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