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How do I found a Private Military Company (PMC) or become a member?

To become a founder or a Member of a PMC, you have to extend your Headquarter to level 4. Afterwards, you can build the “Radome” (Radarstation).

Open up the PMC-menu by clicking on the Company-button on the left. To become a PMC member you have to apply for membership first. Send your application via the profile of your chosen PMC. You can find PMCs by searching for them via the PMC search, or simply by clicking on their scores. If you wish, you can also apply for membership with several PMCs at once. After that, you need to wait if or when your membership-application will be accepted.

Via the shift button in the PMC-menu you are able to found your own Private Military Company.


How do I get more members for my PMC?

To get more members for your PMC, other members have to apply for membership with you and your PMC. They just have to visit the profile page of your PMC and click on the button “apply for membership” to send you their request.

A little red digit will tell you, if another player has applied for membership with your PMC. You then simply open your PMC and click on the pen next to the players name to accept or decline membership. Via this pen you will also be able to change the status of a PMC-member after he or she has joined the club.

To get new members, simply write them a personal message and advertise for your company, so that they apply for membership with you.


How do I recruit Mercs (Attack Units)?

To recruit Mercs you can either use the menu at the Mercs Housing within your base, or you recruit them via the menu on the left (offense).

To choose the quantity of your new units, you can use the slider or the input field. Now simply click on “recruit” to start the process.

The little digit on the right of the offense-button will show you the current number of units you have available. A red colored digit means that you haven’t reached your unit limit yet, and can still recruit some more. To raise the limit, simply expand the mercs-housing.


How DO I fight?

You can attack the rebels of the GOR-Alliance (NPC) by clicking on the map or other players via the button on the lower right.

On the map, choose the light marked province and choose the sector – occupied by the rebels. Click on “attack” button to get to the menu of fighting arrangements.

The units of the enemy are on the green positions. Yours are the red ones. On every spot you can position one of your units, choosing the particular type of units first. If you would like to use more than one unit type, make sure not to position all your units on one spot when starting to arrange the fight.

As soon as your line-up is ready, click “fight” to start the battle.


How do I unlock more types of units?

To unlock all types of units you need to expand your Headquarter. At the levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 15 you get one new type of unit.


How do I mine the resources at the outposts?

You can mine different resources in the dark colored provinces only. There are four types of resources in total: Oil, Gold, Cobalt and Uranium. You can select a resource in each of the four available provinces, but only if you occupied them first.

Via the trade button on the left of the menu you are able to manage your production, transportation, expansion and the sale of your resources.

On the left above the ware icon you can navigate to the different types of resources easily.


How do I earn credits?

  • Credits are our main currency in the game.
  • The easiest way to earn credits is by expanding production and supply buildings in your base. That way you ensure a regular income.
  • Successful attacks on the GOR-Alliance will always earn you a good amount of credits.
  • Mine resources in the darker places on the map, ensure you a nice but risky additional income.
  • To make a quick buck, attack other players in PvP mode via the button in the lower right on the menu and win the fight.


I would like to play with my account on other devices as well

No problem. You are free to play with your account on other iOS, Android or Amazon devices as well. What you need is a linked account. Go to the menu (on the lower right) > Settings > link account. Now you can enter your email address. If you wish to play on other devices, all you have to do is click on the blue button that says “Login with existing account”.

Now enter your email address and request a PIN. With this PIN you can now activate your account on other devices.

If you accidently registered a new account on another device, delete it via the settings and restart the game.


Why do I need to be online for playing?

Bloody War is a multi-player online game. To interact with other players worldwide it is absolutely necessary to have a stable internet connection. Besides that, this makes it possible to play your account on several devices with several different operating systems.


What are the technical requirements for my android device?

The minimum requirements for your android device are as follows:

  • 1,0 GB RAM
  • Android OS 4.0.3. or newer
  • Resolution of 800 x 480
  • 250 MB free memory

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the minimum requirements will be enough to play Bloody War: Mercenary, Inc. without any problems. A modified operating system might lead to your game running unstable on your phone.


iOS – my game crashes!

Try as follows to solve this problem:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of your iOS operating system installed.
    • Open “instrument settings” > “general” > “software updates”
  • Check the memory capacity of your device.
    • Open up “Settings” > “Info” to check the memory capacity. You can free up memory by deleting unused Apps, photos and videos.
  • Empty the RAM by shutting down unnecessarily running apps.
  • Shutdown all apps and restart your device. The RAM will be cleared doing this.
  • Important: If your device is a Jailbreak Device, we cannot guarantee our game will function as planned.
  • Supported devices: iPhone 5 and higher, iPad 3 and higher


Is this game free to play?

Bloody War is a free of charge free to play game. However, we offer the possibility to buy in game currency (Coins) for real money.


Can I unlock coins by playing as well?

Yes, you get Coins as a prize for reaching certain goals and for winning in the Hall of Fame (Player and PMC) and several kinds of events.


I did not receive my coins!

Normally, Coins will be credited to you right away. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Sometimes your device needs a new connection to the server. Shutdown the game and login again. From time to time that speeds up the process.

If you did not receive coins you bought more than 24 hours ago, please contact iTunes, the Google Play store or the Amazon support. Since all payments for our game are made with the provider directly, we cannot help you personally .


Am I able to buy coins from extern providers?

No, you can only buy coins via the official in game shop. The buying-process will be made directly with iTunes, Google Play Store or Amazon, depending on your provider.