What kind of units are there?

  • The Guards (Guardhouse) defends your district.
  • You can send out Soldiers to attack others.

For both kinds of units you need a building. With each extension of the Guardhouse you get 15 additional defenders. With each level to which you expand the housing of your soldiers, you are able to recruit 15 additional units.

Your Guards will always be on your side. Just a few of them will die in battle, but they are completely regenerated after the battle. You will never be left completely defenseless.

Soldiers need to be recruited anew, if you lost some in battle. For that purpose, you need to click on the Soldiers-Icon on the left and choose, via the slide, how many men you’d like to recruit.

The different types of units

There are six different types of units. You will never recruit specific units, but always soldiers in general.

When starting a fight, you can decide for yourself how many of your soldiers you will select for which type of unit.

The different units will become available by further expanding your townhouse.

trooper engineer support assault recon spec

The fighting system is similar to the “rock-paper-scissors” system. Every type of unit is extremely superior over another and inferior to some others.

By looking at the colors of your units you will get a fast overview of how good the fighting strength of the selected unit is, in comparison to other types of units. In the example above, your own unit is the guy with the “Pumpgun” which is superior to the guy with the“Shotgun” by 5:1 (see green color), but inferior to the guy with “Bergmann MP” by 1:5 (see red). On the left you can see the damage of your selected unit in comparison to the damage of your enemies unit (on the right).