The heart of your district are the strategy buildings


Townhouse: To expand buildings, the level of your townhouse needs to be upgraded regularly. Additionally, you can unlock units here as well.


Guardhouse: With each extension you get more guards for your district.


Housing soldiers: You can recruit soldiers for your attacks here.


Attorneys office: If you want to create your own family or join an existing one, you need a lawyer to ensure that your organization appears to be legal.


Antiquarian (Stash): This unremarkable hideout protects a part of your stored resources when you’re being raided. The protected amount increases with every upgrade.


Wall: Living in uncertain times, you’re in constant danger of being attacked. The wall reduces the damage dealt by your opponents when they raid your block.


Boxing-Gym: Tough men always exercise. With each upgrade of your gym you’ll be rewarded with some skill points. Distribute them freely among your men to improve their abilities.