Ranking list: Fights

For each fight you have won, you get points which are essential for your rank. These rankings reflect all won fights of a player.

Ranking list: Neighborhoods

How many neighborhoods did the player get under its control? For every occupied neighborhood the player gets 1 point. If the player holds more points than there are neighborhoods, this just means this particular player has played through campaign mode more than once.

Ranking list: Districts

For every building level you get points. The top players in this ranking list have expanded their districts greatly.

Hall of Fame: Player

The Hall of Fame will be reset monthly. You get points for the Hall of Fame, if you fight against other players and win.

The first ten players on this ranking list win Coins as a prize.

Ranking list: Families

Points shown here, are the summarized points of all those which were collected by winning family-wars. The family that holds the first place here, is the most active one on Bloody Hands, New York Families.

Hall of Fame: Families

Like with the Hall of Fame for players, the Hall of Fame for families will be reset monthly. The family gets Hall of Fame points with every win among family-wars.

The first ten families get Coins as a prize, which will be distributed to the players evenly.