There are two different ways of fighting

PvP: Player versus player. Fight against players from all over the world.

PvE: Fighting in Campaign mode. Banish the Kabamzano-Family from one block after another and expand your level of influence.

No matter which fight you choose, you will get money for it. However, with PvP fights you might also get additional alcohol. Besides that, you will get points for every fight you win which add to your rank and score points for the hall of fame (PvP only).

To fight against another player you need to have fought against the Kabamzano-Family at least once. After that, you can click on the PvP symbol on the upper right to plan an attack against another player.


To fight against the Kabamzano-Family (PvE), you need to select the marked neighborhood on the map (which is marked in a lighter green).


Every neighborhood is subdivided into 10 blocks. You have to get all these blocks under your control to claim the neighborhood.


As soon as you have the first block under your control, a countdown will start. When this countdown reaches zero, you will lose every block you already conquered one by one to the Kabamzano-Family and have to start anew.


On the upper part of the screen you’ll always see the defender (green). The attacker can be found below (red). The numbers on the markings show the backing of this position. They will add their bonus to the life energy of the positioned type of soldiers.

If you click on one of the marks, a window will open where you can make adjustments to the units.


You can position one type of soldiers per spot. Make sure that you do not place all available units on the same position, so that you will be able to use other types of soldiers for other positions as well. Use the blue slider or the input field to determine the number of soldiers you would like to use for a position. If you have placed all units to your liking, you may push the “fight” button to start the battle


The icons you see on the right edge are boosters. You can activate them for every fight individually.

Life energy +20%, Loot +50%, Fighting power +20%, Healing – 50% of the people you would have normally lost will be available to you after the fight again.

Set defense


You need to keep an eye on the defense of your district continuously, especially when you just unlocked a new defense unit you should consider tweaking your defense. To do that, please click on the symbol to the left.

Setting and placing your defense works just like planning an attack. If you made changes to your defense, you have to confirm them by clicking on the “defense ready” button.