1. Your Avatar: Create your own individual avatar.
  2. Your rank: For every fight you win, you get points for levelling up in ranks.
  3. Rank progress: Your progress until reaching the next rank.
  4. Resources:  Money, alcohol, police status and Coins.
  5. Player vs. player: Fight against players from all over the world.
  6. Shop: Premium items, boosters, unit booster and Coins.
  7. Task list: Here you can see all active tasks.
  8. Main navigation: Soldiers (attacking units), manage defense, skills, prohibition (alcohol business), family.
  9. Fast build: Here you can expand your buildings right away.
  10. Menu: Messages, news, battle reports, rankings, profiles, achievements, missions, friends, adjustments and support.
  11. Map: Your area of influence.
  12. Chat: Global and Family-chat
  13. Family-War: Your family is fighting for Manhattan