How do you ESTABLISH a family respectively join one?

At first, you have to expand your  Townhouse to level 4 so that you can build an Attorneys Office.


The Attorneys Office is where you meet with your family to plan the future of the business. That’s why this building is required to join a family or establish your own one.

Your very own family


Every family will be able to give itself a crest. To create one, different backgrounds, frames and several symbols are available to choose from.


There are six “ranks” within a family.

The founder will be set as Boss automatically. The Boss is able to manage everything concerning the family.

The Consigliere is the deputy and has the same rights as the Boss. So it might be wise to choose the person who becomes deputy with caution.

Underboss, Caporegime & Soldiers will not be able to manage anything within the family, but they are allowed to use the news system and can claim on Manhattan in the name of their Family (see Family-Wars).

Associates only can join fights in Manhattan.

Familiy Wars | Claim Manhattan


Claim Manhattan and fight together with your family to earn points for the Hall of Fame.

  1. The family needs at least three members to claim Manhattan.
  2. Battles for Manhattan begin at the top of the hour when at least two families have claimed a state for themselves.
  3. Each battle will be made up of two families, with the first family attaining 30,000 points being the winner. If after two hours of combat none of the families have attained this mark, the family with the most points will be proclaimed winner.
  4. Points are calculated every minute. Occupying more blocks grants greater bonuses.
  5. Manhattan consists of ten blocks which can be occupied by defeating their current owners. Occupied blocks will be protected by the owner’s defense.
  6. Players may occupy as many blocks as they wish, but should be aware that the defense will be distributed equally among all occupied blocks

Why should the Family try to win the Hall of Fame?

Because there are a lot of Coins to win! The members of the ten best families get Coins as a reward.

The Hall of Fame will be reset every month, so your family can try to get to the top of the Hall of Fame every month anew.


How do you become a member?

The easiest way to find new members is to invite your friends to join you in Bloody Hands, New York Families. On the menu on the right you are able to invite them via mail, facebook, or whatsapp (only iOs).

Tell them how to build an Attorneys Office and join a family. Then tell them the name of your family, so that they can apply for membership. It’s so much more fun to play the game with “real life” friends.

Besides that you can search for players via the reports, ranks or the search option on your friends’ page. On the profile page you find a lot of usable information about that player and you have a contact button to send the player a private message.