Your “businesses” are the legal foundation of your income. The following businesses will bring you more money continuously, if you expand them.

Every building has an internal depot for money, where your sales will be transferred to. You can only work with that money by collecting it first.


As soon as there is money to collect, you will see a money symbol above the building. If you click on it, the money will be transferred to the money depot (which is the bank).

These are the buildings you need for your legal income:


Corrupt Cops: You have to bribe the cops regularly to keep them out of your businesses. If the cops are 100% satisfied with their gratuity, your business can tap into its full potential.


Greengrocer: What do you need for a good spaghetti sauce? Juicy tomatos and herbs. The greengrocer raises your income.


Betting office: Sure, everything’s running fair here. No one would ever claim otherwise. A great foundation for big earnings.


Hotel: A refined ambience and sexy girls are a great combination. Visitors gladly spend a lot of money for this experience and keep your tills ringing.


Bank: Is there a better place to store your money than in your own bank? With each upgrade you expand storage.


Variety: Magicians, singers, dancers and really hot ladies who will squeeze money out of your guests will seriously increase your income.


Butcher: It’s hard to get a good Salsiccia in this town. People will beat the path to your butchers door and your income will rise.


Shipping: A shipping agency is a perfect disguise for smuggling things. Additionally, some legal contracts bring clean money into the cash box.


Pizzeria: Pizza, Pasta and Tiramisu. People love Italian food. And you make serious money with your restaurant.