Bloody West, v1.0.2

Hello Cowboys!

We have another update for you! This time we have changed some features and fixed some bugs in the game.
Check out the patchnotes for v1.0.2:


– Settings page: the settings page can now be opened separately from the account page
– Map: your own district, outposts, trade states and battle states are now marked by icons
– Buildings: when clicking on the building info, you can now see more information (for example: hourly production, available wares) and information on the next level
– States: the names of the states are shown when you click on them

[Bug fixes]

– Gang: on the profile site, all available Achievements are shown
– Gang members: on the page of the members, the correct number of cowboys are now shown
– Battle of Dodge City: you are not sent back to your district when you click to claim Dodge City

We hope you like the new update. For questions feel free to contact our support team via an in-game ticket. We’ll be glad to help you.
Don’t forget to update your app!

Your Bloody West Team