Bloody Roads, v1.1.0

What’s New in Version 1.1.0?

[Cheers and enjoy your snack – Social Feature:] – Support other players during your visit in their districts.
– Visiting a decorated district allows you to give the player money by buying drinks and snacks.
– You can spend money on one player’s product every 24 hours and visit as many players as you like to.
– You will be informed via a popup, when a player spends money in your district.
– Additionally, each decoration (bar, BBQ, soda machine and lounge) has an overview, so you can check who visited you.

[Changed PVE mode USA:] – We removed the countdown for the states on the map.
– You’ll keep each county after you succeed against the Crazy Lobos.
– The map won’t reset, when you completed all states. Instead you’ll unlock the new PVE mode.

ATTENTION: Players, who already completed the map, will face issues in PVE mode. The map won’t work for a certain time until the new PVE mode is fully implemented. We thank you for your patience.

[World Wide Battle:] – We implemented a whole new endgame content.
– After you completed the map, you’ll join the world wide battle.
– You’ll find the WWB beneath the MC-war area. Click on it to access the world wide fight against the Crazy Lobos.
– Victories against the enemy let you level up. Each level up rewards you with boosters, loot and supporters.
– Supporters increase your nomads’ strength. Each level gives you more supporters.
– You can decide on which level you want to fight the Crazy Lobos world wide.
– You can only choose levels you already achieved or one level higher than your current level.
– Choose wisely. Lower level enemies might be easy to fight but the rewards and XP also decrease.
– The WWB replaces the former battle ranking.