Bloody Roads, v1.0.7

What’s New in Version 1.0.7

[MC-Improvements] -Tags are now usable multiple times.
-Inactive members will be kicked automatically after X days. That’ll also affect inactive MCs.
-More MC patches: There’re four new MC logos for your patch.
-It’s not possible anymore to accept applicants during an active MC war.

[Matchmaking] -Your MC won’t get the last three enemy MCs as their next opponent in New York, which also increase the range of matching MCs.

[Language Setting] -You’re now able to change your game’s language in the game settings.

[Optimizations and Bugfixes] -Fixed a bug, that a leads to errors when setting up the defense formation.
-A lot of improvements and optimization in the background for a more fluid and performance gameplay.
-Revision of MC-, avatar- and NPC graphics.
-When you’re now opening the chat, the MC chat is shown first instead of the Global Chat.