{:en}Bloody Roads, v1.2.3{:}{:de}Bloody Roads, v1.2.3{:}

Hello Outlaws, We’ve ironed out some bugs in the game! Check out the patchnotes here: [Patchnotes 1.2.3] – Google Play: no multiple requests from Google Play when starting the app – Battle of New York: defender and attacker are now shown correctly in the reports – Battle of New York Result Screen: the outcome of […]

{:en}Bloody West: Infamous Legends{:}{:de}Bloody West: Infamous Legends{:}

We have some exciting news to share with you all! We have been very busy developing a new game for you. Introducing: [Bloody West: Infamous Legends] Be the Sheriff of your town and show your rivals what you’re made of. Take control of the counties and make money by mining gold, selling fur, cattle and […]

{:en}Bloody Roads, v1.2.1{:}{:de}Bloody Roads, v1.2.1{:}

Hello Outlaws! We have some news for you! We have been working on a whole different look for the game and revamped it for you! Experience Bloody Roads remastered: New Look, Special Effects, Sounds – Better, Stronger, Faster! Take a look at the patchnotes. [Patchnotes Update #12] [Remastered!] • New look: The club area and […]

{:en}Bloody Roads, v1.1.9{:}{:de}Bloody Roads, v1.1.9{:}

Hello Outlaws! A new update is available! We have changed a few things in the game for you. Take a look at the patchnotes! [Patchnotes] – Bug Fix: the issue with changing the MC Patch has been fixed – We have changed the look of our News. You will now see it in full screen […]